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Love the taste of salt, but not all the health consequences? Introducing Vege-Salt™, a food additive that has all the taste of salt without all the problems that arise from high-sodium diets. Made with Salicornia branchiata, a salt tolerant that contains no additives, has a better taste, and natural minerals. Vege-Salt™ is the perfect alternative for your daily meals.

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Salt and Hypertension 

Vege-Salt Studies have shown that sodium can play a role in hypertension or “high blood pressure” development in many individuals. Some factors that may influence salt-sensitive hypertension are obesity, advanced age, diabetes and kidney dysfunction. Hypertension is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke

The Solutions of Salt 

To cut down the sodium intake for the hypertensive, obesity patients & health conscious consumers, Neu Medix Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. introduces to you first time in the world, Vege salt™ , which is rich in micronutrients and helps to reduce the sodium impact by approximately 25 percent.

Vege Salt™ is extracted from the plant of Salicornia branchiata with a goal of providing low sodium salt beneficial to hypertensive & obesity patients and a healthy lifestyle. Since Vege Salt™ is obtained from a plant source, it is free from the impurities usually encountered in the sea salt due to the water pollution.

Benefits of the Low Sodium Salt 

Individuals who are sodium-sensitive may be asked by their doctors to reduce their level of intake in order to avert high blood pressure. Certain side-effects for prescribed medications can also be exacerbated by high sodium intake. Sodium also leads to retention of fluid for patients with certain illnesses, such as heart failure, kidney disease, and cirrhosis.

Vege Salt™ offers 

  • 100% Vegetable
  • Low Sodium, Potassium Rich
  • Contains no Additives
  • Contains Natural Micro Nutrient such as iron, zinc, or copper
  • Better taste
  • Has natural minerals
  • Research Product of India.

Vege Salt™ is the Essential Substitute of Salt, for the Hypertensive Patients 

  • It Reduces Na+ Intake & Hence Blood Volume.
  • It Supplements the potassium which is lost in urine.
  • It has anti-oxidant Property.
  • Much more salty than usual Salt.
  • Controls Pregnancy induced hyper tension.

Every plant contains its own important nutrients which are not found in the sea salt. Thus, Vege Salt™ is the purest form of salt on earth …promising as a Health Salt!

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