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Do you want increased energy, better endurance, and lower cholesterol? Snow Mountain Garlic provides that and much more with their completely organic and natural garlic buds that are harvested once a year in the Himalayan Mountains. Snow Mountain Garlic, also known as Kashmiri Garlic or Kashmiri Lahsun, is an herb that is palatable and has an abundance of medicinal properties. Research has even proven that these garlic supplements can lower your chance of having heart disease and diabetes. Live your life the right way by taking two a day.

Among all available garlic products in the market, Snow Mountain Garlic is a completely non-processed form of natural garlic, to retain its pristine and therapeutic value!

Snow Mountain Garlic grows in its own natural hard shell to lock in the goodness!

Simply break its shell, peel off the bud. Intake two pearls daily before breakfast and experience the positive health benefits!

no chemicals, no preservatives, no soft gel,  All natural……collected straight from the plant. Its not a pill or a capsule; not from concentrate or processed.

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Product Description

Snow Mountain Garlic (SMG)



An naturally organic garlic supplement harvested fresh from the Himalayan Mountains
Kashmiri Garlic

like, thumbs, up, vote icon 100% organic by nature & natural ingredients.
like, thumbs, up, vote icon Increases energy, enhances endurance and lowers cholesterol.

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What Makes Us The #1 Choice


No Garlic Aftertaste.

Regular garlic, or the so called common Lahsun, found in the grocery store is acidic and leaves a strong aftertaste in your mouth (not to mention your breath as well). Himalayan Garlic is palatable, easy to consume and does not leave a lingering taste in your mouth (or breath).

Can be used as a Dietary Supplement.

By consuming 2-3 of Snow Mountain Garlic buds a day, it reduces hunger and can assist with weight loss.

Enhanced Immune System.

Some of the proven health benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic include helping with the common cold, reducing blood pressure, assisting with cardiovascular/respiratory problems, cancer, heart disease and much more. Snow Mountain Garlic was created by doctors and therefore is made with your health benefits in mind.



What Do Our Awesome Customers Say?

Here are reviews from some of our valued customers

Image3r“I take 2 pills of Snow Mountain Garlic every morning. This garlic has helps me stay alert and boosts my energy all day after I take it. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone.”

-Robert K


“I love SImage1rnow Mountain Garlic! The taste is great and it’s the only garlic product that doesn’t give me garlic breath for the rest of the day. I take it every day and it has helped me get into the best shape of my life. 5 stars all the way for Snow Mountain Garlic.”

-Tiana L


“I aImage2rm a person committed to aging in a healthy way through diet and exercise. I know that it has been demonstrated that garlic is one of the foods that aids in a healthy diet. Since taking Snow Mountain Garlic, I feel energized and find it’s a really convenient way to get the health benefits that organic garlic produces.”

-Susan J


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers about our product.

How many buds on average are in the box?

On average, there is 120 garlic buds in each box. This is enough to eat 2 a day for 2 months!

Is there any expiry date for SMG?

Yes – expiry is 1 year subject to suitable storage (store in a cool, dry place, and keep in netting not covered bags). However, we recommend that you consume SMG immediately on purchase for maximum benefits.

Are there any side effects to taking SMG?

No, there are no side effects – unless you take 10 bulbs a day in which case you may get all hot and sweaty! Garlic is a natural herb, and SMG is probably the most potent and natural form of garlic you’re likely to see. All the same, do everything in moderation – even water in extreme amounts becomes toxic to the body!

What are the benefits of taking SMG compared to regular garlic ?

Regular garlic is:
1. Difficult to consume raw, while SMG is easily (and meant to be) consumed raw, palatable and does not harm your stomach or intestines. In fact, our research of about 4.5 years indicates SMG improves your metabolism.

2. Usually grown at sea-level altitudes in soil that is contaminated by chemicals, pesticides, industrial pollutants, and polluted river and ground water and air, while SMG is found in mountainous regions, at a minimum height of 11,000 feet, and therefore highly unlikely to be contaminated by industrial wastes.

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Regular (USD 15.00), 5 Regular (USD 65.00), 10 Regular (USD 120.00),


50 Grams (Approximately 120 Garlic Buds)

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    Im honestly addicted to this product. By far the best garlic supplement Ive ever had. Doesn’t even leave me with garlic breath!!!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Please tell me the price in Indian rupees.

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