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Research in Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple sclerosis etc.

Research in Rigveda

We have translated all Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Gita’s and extracted the treatment described in all those ancient books. By doing this, we have presented in the form of “Vedic Cure” software which includes the following features:

  • Explanation of 300 common diseases with the latest knowledge of modern medicines.
  • Explanation of diseases as per Vedas , Upanishads, Ayurveda, and their relative causes on the basis of translation by our group of Sadhus and Munis.
  • Treatment includes ayurveda , pranayama, asana , yogic technique, meditation , diet, therapy, nature cure, aroma therapy, auto urine therapy, medical astrology etc.

A demo version of Vedic cure can be downloaded from our website for free.

Our Vedic cures are now offered in CD form. Each CD contains their respective systems in full length.

Research in Congenital Diseases

Scientists agree on the existence of six basic emotions.

  • Joy
  • Surprise
  • Anger
  • Fear,
  • Sadness
  • Disgust


These emotions manifest in different facial expression.

Secondary emotions are as follows:

Submission = Acceptance + fear
Awe = Fear + Surprise
Disappointment = Surprise + Sadness
Remorse = Sadness + Disgust
Contempt = Disgust + Anger
Aggression = Anger + Anticipation
Optimism = anticipation + joy
Love = Joy + Acceptance

These basic human emotions make up parameters that quantify something humanity normally would never quantify. With our research into these parameters, and the quantification of basic human emotion, we are able to analyze the effects of health on the mind and body.

Our research has also revealed a link between the posture kept while sleeping and these emotional states. Psychoanalysis on sleep positions correlates with our research into mental health, emotional parameters, and sleep positions.