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Fluid Level Indicating Sensor

In any Hospital/nursing home/ICCU, IV( Intravenous) Fluid line is most important way of administering injections/medication or fluid therapy. (Saline Water, Glucose, Dextrose, Blood, Plasma etc) When such bottle (100 ml or 510 ml or 1000 ml etc ) finishes, it must be switched off or replaced with other bottle immediately, if such actions are not taken on time, there is reverse flow of blood into the scalp vein, which causes clotting into the needle resulting into blockage of IV line. Eventually this requires change of line through re-puncturing other blood vessel at other site. This is traumatic experience for patient/child/relative/nurse and doctor.  In current situation, either nurse or patient or relative or doctor has keep observing the fluid flow and level of fluid for timely change or swatch off. Phlebitis, air embolism, local site irritation, mental anxiety etc. are other consequences for not monitoring fluid level.
Our patented FLIS device can solve these problems very smoothly, effectively and accurately.
There are five versions of our products:
  • Flis Bedside

    Flashes the audio-visual signals at bed site when IV fluid is about to finish. Dry cell battery operated.
  • Flis Wifi

    Flashes the audio-visual signals at nursing station when IV fluid is about to finish. Collective console of 12 beds at Nursing station.
  • Flis GSM

    Flashes the audio-visual signals on Nurse/doctor’s mobile when IV fluid is about to finish. Desirable mobile number(s).
  • Flis Auto

    Flashes the audio-visual signals when IV fluid is about to finish and stop the IV fluid Automatically. Solenoid pinch valve used with Dry cell.
  • Flis Plus

    Contains all features of Flis Auto plus UV LED for sterilization. Sterilization is an optional function.


1) Easy way to install without touching patient or IV Fluid.
2) No need to monitor the level of fluid continuously by anyone.
3) Save the patient against re-puncturing of blood vessels. This is blessing for pediatric patients.
4) Un-interrupted fluid therapy or injections.
5) No phlebitis or local irritation or local edema.
6) No electrical power supply needed to FLIS.
7) Not to rely on human intelligence.
8) Reduce stress of nursing staff/patient/relative/doctor of continuous monitoring.
9) Reduces the chances of secondary infection through several punctures.
10) FLIS Auto is best during fluid therapy at night time whereby IV line is switched off automatically.
11) Save the cost of scalp vein.
12) Best for dehydrated patient whereby finding another vessel is just impossible. In most of cases, the    mortality of dehydrate patient is because of collapse of peripheral blood vessels.
13) Helps in sterilizing bottle content through UV light and back ground helps to check foreign body, turbidity etc
14) Added Facility to nursing staff.
There is no such device for such purpose. This is for the first time in Medical history.
Such device is blessing for entire hospital staff, patients and relatives.

Business Options: 

1)    Exclusive rights for manufacturing through patent rights,
2)    Exclusive rights for distribution,
3)    Exclusive rights for importing/CNF,
4)    Exclusive rights for territories.
Please feel free to ask more detailed information. Please watch the entire Video, animation, brochures to understand the process and application.